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Our Mission

Peppers Ranch Foster Care Community seeks to "break the cycle" of child abuse and neglect through loving homes, counseling, and growth-oriented activities. By creating a network of caring foster parents and adult mentors on whom children can depend, Peppers Ranch foster care community is committed to providing a safe and secure environment where physical and emotional wounds can heal.

Our Vision

The Ultimate Goal

The ultimate goal of Peppers Ranch's Foster Care Community is to provide safe loving homes to as many of Oklahoma's abused and neglected children as we are able. By providing the necessary resources and services to foster parents, we sustain a commitment to the children in their care. And, our safe and nurturing community will inspire and equip each child to break the cycle, reach their full potential, and become productive citizens of society.

Help us grow our Learning Center!

This center is an expansion of our current learning center where 11,000 sq. ft. will be adding services, support, and success to the children who call Peppers Ranch their home.

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The Process


Peppers family is called by DHS and accepts placement of child or siblings.


Siblings placed together in the same home or multiple homes on the same property


Immediate support services and a community ‘wrap-around’ approach to meet the child’s needs


Each child is equipped with a strong support system and foster parents have the tools for a more stable, successful placement