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  • Board President – David Penland
  • Board Vice President – Stephanie Alexander
  • Board Treasurer – John Hood
  • Board Secretary – Steve Slawson

Board Members

  • Amber Brock
  • Jeanetta Dobson
  • Nick Estrada
  • Glenn Floresca
  • C.R. Head
  • John Henry
  • Bruce Knoolhuizen
  • Patti Lewis
  • Denise Remondino
  • Kristin Tibbs
  • Jim Williston


Corporate Office

3172 Peppers Ranch Drive
Guthrie, OK 73044

Our Team

Tonya Ratcliff

Executive Director

Amber Simmons
Equestrian - Ranch Dir

Cindy Swink
Finance Manager

Dave Chalk
Ranch Manager

Jack Jenson
Ranch Manager


Is Peppers Ranch a foster care agency?

No – Peppers Ranch foster care community is not a foster care agency and does not have a contract with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services.

Peppers Ranch foster families each hold their own certifications directly with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services. Peppers Ranch administration does not oversee nor engage in that relationship between the foster families who live in the community and the Oklahoma Department of Human Services.

Peppers Ranch administration provides a community where like minded families can live to provide the best of the best in resources and supports for the foster children in their care.

Is Peppers Ranch Foster Community publicly or privately funded?

Peppers Ranch Foster Community is 100% privately funded. We do not accept funds from the state or federal government. We are completely funded by passionate Oklahoman’s who have a desire to effect generations of future Oklahoma’s and end the cycle of abuse and neglect in Oklahoma.

Do the children live at the ranch all of the time?

Yes, just like a “normal” home, the children live with their foster families on a full time basis.

Do the children go to school?

Yes, school-aged children attend public schools. Peppers Ranch is in both Cashion and Guthrie Public School Districts.

Are the children at the ranch available for adoption?

Oklahoma foster families first responsibility is to provide a safe, loving stable environment for the children placed in their care. During this time the Department of Human Services first seeks to place children back with their biological parents when safe and possible or extended family members. If family reunification is not an option, the foster parents that have been caring for the child/ren typically have the first opportunity to adopt the children.

What are the ages of the children that live at the ranch?

Peppers Ranch foster families make the decision that is best for their families as to the ages of foster children that they care for. Historically the foster families at Peppers Ranch have taken in children of all ethnicities, ages, genders and from every corner of Oklahoma. Children 0-18years old are welcome.

May I tour the ranch?

Yes, we would love to show you our wonderful community. Please contact the office at 405-650-8947 or email for a tour.

If you believe a child is being abused or neglected, you have a legal responsibility to report it. Reports can be made at any time to the OKDHS Abuse and Neglect Hotline at 1-800-522-3511. The hotline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.