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Peppers Ranch is a Christ-centered organization with the mission of providing a home and community for abused and neglected children in the foster care system.

Personal Considerations:


Foster parents should feel called to serve children. While free rent is a helpful benefit at Peppers Ranch, it should not be a motivation for fostering.


Fostering is a significant time commitment for the entire family. Parents must be able to fulfill their commitments to God, the family (including foster children), themselves, their job, and their church. All children demand physical and emotional energy as well as time.


The effectiveness of fostering is directly related to permanence in the home. Although many unexpected life circumstances can limit a couple’s ability to continue to serve as foster parents, all applicants should have an eye toward the future and a strong commitment that their fostering efforts result in changed lives for children.

Pet Policy:

As part of the foster home verification process, all pets considered by the foster family as an integral part of their family environment and lifestyle will be evaluated behaviorally to determine the risk they pose for either injury to children or destruction of furnishings and property.

Application Process:

The process includes:

•Completion of the Residence Application

•The parents’ confirmed agreement to the Peppers Ranch Residential Lease

•Review of personal history information

•Review of relationship with DHS Foster Care

•Confirmation of character with your six references

•Completion of a face to face interview with Peppers Ranch Administration

•Peppers Ranch requires the applicants submit a credit report.