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What They’re Saying

Living at Peppers Ranch is the equivalent of where my dream residence was to raise my family - country living and scenery; good, salt-of-the-earth values; strong community with a sense of purpose...and that purpose is to do His will in all things - especially with these kids! I could search far and wide without success in looking for a place like Peppers Ranch.

Travis Ratcliffadoptive father of 8, biological father of 2 and a member of the community since 2008

We chose to move to Peppers Ranch because we wanted to impact more kids. What we can provide is love, stability, and an opportunity to redefine what family should look like.

Lane Family

As the newest family at Pepper's Ranch, it has been amazing to be greeted with open arms (& understanding spirits) to the ranch. We are in a community I never would have been able to give these kids, and I love the 'Love' that is generated here. I'm sincerely proud to be part of this incredible community.

Deaton Family

This neighborhood is special to our family due to the unique sense of community available at Peppers Ranch. The families here not only share similar logistic challenges and familial structures, they are families 'doing life' in the same way which enhances unique bonds: more than just friends and neighbors. Raising children from hard places can be challenging and knowing that your neighbors can not only truly relate, but are your support system, too, is invaluable.

Brandt and Tiffany Ratcliff

Peppers Ranch is the best place to live if you are going to foster. The support you get from this community is like none other. The other families are wonderful. Everyone here knows everyone and it really is like a big family. Helping children is our mission, our ministry.

Blankenship Family

Peppers Ranch is so special to our family for many reasons, but most of all, the community. Our neighbors out here are family; we support, we listen, and we encourage each other as we provide care to kids from hard places.

Lane Family

What a blessing to live around other like minded people. Just imagine your neighborhood and your kids riding their bikes around it. Now they are down the street and they fall, a dad or Mom from another house come out and take care of your child and you know that they are ok. They are safe, the parents and the kid. Everyone wants the very best for each child that lives out here. That is just one of the reasons I love living out here.

Blankenship Family

Peppers Ranch provides our family with a community of families who rally around each other, incredible programs where our kids can grow, learn, and develop in a variety of ways, monthly financial assistance, and a beautiful home to raise our family.

Lane Family

When we heard about Peppers Ranch, we immediately became involved by attending events and supporting the mission and vision in any way we were able. As our family grew and we began fostering additional children, the next logical move for us was to move to the place we already were connected with and join in the mission of Peppers Ranch in providing stability by offering either a temporary or forever home for children who might otherwise be subjected to more unstable and detrimental living conditions.

Brandt and Tiffany Ratcliff

When our family entered into foster care, we knew we just wanted to help as many kids as we could. We quickly realized if we wanted to expand and help more kids (especially keeping siblings together) we needed a bigger place. About that time we found out about Peppers Ranch and knew it was the best fit and perfect solution for us!

Burpo Family

Meet our Parents


Travis and Tonya Ratcliff have lived at Peppers Ranch since 2009. They have been married since 2000 and have 10 children, 8  adopted 2 biological. Travis owns a safety supply company and a graphic design company and Tonya is the Executive Director for Peppers Ranch. They attend Life Church in Oklahoma City. The Ratcliff’s are advocates for children with special needs and feel their calling stems around finding answers and avenues to help them grow and overcome life’s obstacles. The Ratcliff’s feel that there are more children in their future, but are leaving it up to God as to when that will take place. The Ratcliff’s enjoy high-energy activities, going to the Oklahoma City Zoo, Omniplex and other activities that keep their crew on the go!


Joe and Shelly Blankenship have been married since 1987. They became foster parents in 2002. They have 2 biological children and two adopted sons. They also have 4 grandchildren. They have been Peppers parents since 2010 and have fostered approximately 100 children!! They believe they have been called to this ministry to help children feel safe and loved. The Blankenships absolutely LOVE being a part of the Peppers Ranch community.


Dustin and Kristin Burpo have been married since 2004. From the beginning, talk of adoption and fostering has been on the forefront of their hearts and minds. Over the years they have served in multiple children’s, worship, and associate ministries at various churches but now Dustin serves full time at Passion Church Yukon as Family Ministries Pastor. In 2013 the dream of fostering became a reality with their first placement. When they learned about Peppers’ Ranch they knew it was exactly what God had been calling them into and it soon became their home in 2015. Dustin and Kristin currently have two biological children and six adopted. They know the need is great but they simply want to make a difference in the world “one child at a time.”


Ann Engebretson has come to Peppers Ranch to be the first “Grandma” for the new intergenerational program at the ranch, and she is enjoying doing such grandmotherly things with the children as baking cookies, reading stories, playing games and going for hikes. Her hope in coming to the ranch is that she can model Christ’s love to the children and that she can be a stable and nurturing presence in their lives. Ann has lived most of her adult life in northwestern Montana. She has raised two daughters and a son, and she has six grandchildren. She currently works part time for Stewart Abstract & Title, and when she is not working or spending time with the kids on the ranch, she enjoys reading and playing with her dog, Shadow.


The Gibson family moved to Peppers Ranch in May of 2014. Johnny and Heather have watched the Lord grow their family rapidly since moving to the ranch. They have adopted 8 children and in January of 2017 the Lord showed his faithfulness with a gift of a biological baby boy! Johnny and Heather met in college and married in 2007. Johnny is a firefighter for the City of Edmond, and Heather is a stay-at-home mom. They have been fostering since 2012 and are excited to be a part of a community where they are surrounded by people who have the same heart for orphans as they do.


Brandt and Tiffany Ratcliff were married in May 2001. Brandt is a counselor with The Halo Project and teaches psychology at a high school in Oklahoma City, and Tiffany works in Moore as the call center manager for Mazzio’s Pizza. The Ratcliffs have been fostering since 2013 and were thrilled to join Peppers Ranch in May 2014 to become a part of this thriving community and support the mission and vision of this organization. They have eight children (3 biological and 5 adopted) – Sutton, Hudson, Everlyn, Rowen, Roman, Braelyn, Calen, and Julien. They enjoy family activities including impromptu dance parties in their living room, going to see live performances of music theater, participating in Pepper’s Ranch community events, and attending Life.Church in north Oklahoma City. The Ratcliffs yearn to step into the gap for the fatherless to do their part to heal the wounds of this epidemic.


Joe and Memory have been married since 1998 and moved to Peppers Ranch in October 2014. They have been involved in foster care since July 2012. They currently have 5 adopted children and 1 foster child. Joe works as a Behavioral Health Clinician at the Oklahoma City Indian Clinic. Memory works Hair Stylist at Salon Exclusive. They attend church at Generations Church in Guthrie. Joe and Memory have been in several positions of ministry during their marriage but state; “There is none greater than opening their home, heart, and life fully to God’s children.” The McElhaney’s believe there is nothing that brings them closer to God’s heart than being foster parents.


Mason and Jessica have been married since July 2007 and recently moved to Pepper’s Ranch in June of 2018. They first opened their home to foster children in 2013 and now have two biological children and two adopted children and soon will be welcoming more! Mason has a career in law enforcement and Jessica is a stay-at-home mom. It is their desire to fulfill God’s command in James 1:27 to care for the fatherless. They are thankful for the blessing their children are to them and love having a loud, crazy, fun family. They are incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to be a part of a community that shares the same passion.


Carlos and Kristin have been married since 2011. They have lived at Peppers Ranch since December of 2015. They have one biological son and have adopted four and currently have two foster children. The Martinez family attends Life church in Oklahoma City. Carlos and Kristin say they always believed in God’s plan for them and feel so blessed to be on this journey and thankful to call Peppers Ranch home.


Laura Jackson Deaton has been fostering since 2012.   After hearing a passionate sermon at church about fostering, she & her then 13 year old daughter, Hallie decided to take in one little girl.  That little girl turned out to have 2 little brothers, and the deal was sealed.   In 2014, Gina, Steven and Zachary became Jackson’s after their parent’s rights were terminated.  They joined a big family with Lacey (and husband Tyler and son Deaton, of Shawnee), Kip (with husband Brandon, grandson Dawson, and granddaug Brielle, of Redding, CA), and Hallie (of West Point, NY).   Laura knew she would foster more kids if she had more room in her home, and after friends Matt & Ashlee Terry made Peppers Ranch their home, Ashlee reached out to Laura to come and take a tour.  One tour later, Laura was moving the crew to Guthrie.  Her take on fostering, “There is nothing more satisfying to my heart, than to have a houseful of happy, loud kids, living the life they deserve to have.  There is nothing more important in the world than breaking the cycle of abuse and neglect in Oklahoma’s foster care system, and that has to be solved ONE kid at a time.” They attend Life Church.


Drew and Kristan Gossen were married in June 2010. Drew currently works as a teacher-researcher at Oklahoma State University and Kristan is a stay-at-home mom. Drew and Kristan began their fostering journey in 2013, and while there were hard moments, they found so much joy in the calling God had given them. They moved to Peppers Ranch in the summer of 2016 so that they could open their home to more children. They now have eight kids, six adopted and two biological: Treshaun, Tyler, Hunter, Mason, Colton, Reed, Layla, and Nora. The Gossen family attends Crossings Community Church in Oklahoma City. Drew and Kristan love being a part of the Peppers Ranch community because they are supported by amazing people who care about children from hard places.


Brad and Ali Ruhman have been married since 2003. They have three biological daughters, recently adopted a sibling set of three, and are fostering a sibling set of three. Brad and Ali began fostering in 2016. Brad works at Life.church in the finance department and Ali works as a hairstylist. Many days are challenging raising 9 children, but they absolutely love their family and feel God has called them specifically to care for his children. They attend Life Church’s Edmond campus, and feel extremely blessed to be used by God to restore families and break generational curses.

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Peppers Ranch is Oklahoma’s premiere foster community, and we want you! Peppers Ranch is a community of like minded foster families with the mission to break the cycle of child abuse and neglect by providing safe, loving care for children in the foster care system.

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  • Are you currently a DHS certified traditional foster care family who dreams of providing temporary loving home to Oklahoma’s foster children?
  • Have you been a foster family for longer than 2 years in the state of Oklahoma?
  • Are you willing to bring a least 5 children out of the DHS foster system, and into your home?
  • Do you desire to live somewhere where additional programs and resources are at your fingertips to grow your family academically, socially and emotionally?
  • Would you like the support and friendship of other foster and adoptive families to help you grow in the mission of changing children’s lives?
  • Peppers Ranch is not a foster care agency and asks that all families who live at Peppers Ranch contract directly through the Oklahoma Department of Human Services to accept foster care placements.

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