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Learning Center Expansion $1,600,000

We dream of a day where we can provide even more resources and supports for the children, youth and foster families at Peppers Ranch. Our current Learning Center is busting at the seams in the best way and we are in need of more room to grow and provide even more supports and educational resources for our children and families in the community. Help us expand our learning center to incorporate classrooms, offices, performing arts center, outdoor classrooms and so much more. Matching funds are available for this project.

Build a Home $300,000

Home… There’s really no place like home. The gift of hope is here! 12 new pads were just completed providing the gift of hope for up to 96 additional foster children searching for a family. These 3250 sq. ft. homes provide stability, services and success to abused and neglected children with dramatic needs. These 12 homes are a 4 year plan, but with your generosity, its only a matter of time until we can say, “Welcome Home!”

Support a Therapeutic Program

Support our ongoing therapies and healing programs provided for free for the foster children and youth living at Peppers Ranch. These programs help provide educational assistance, development of life skills, financial training, counseling services and more. We look to enhance these services all the time and with your financial support we can continue to grow and improve our programs to help with holistic healing of the children and youth at Peppers Ranch.

Build a Playground $2,000

The Adventure Tower Deluxe Playset from Lifetime Products is full of exciting activities for children of all ages. Peppers Ranch is growing and adding foster families and foster children and these little one’s need a great place to romp, stomp, exercise and use their imaginations. The ranch is in need of additional playground stations on both Peppers Ranch I and II. No matching funds are provided for this project. Delivery and install of this set is included in the total cost.

  • Features 5′ tall decking with hard top clubhouse and sandbox
  • Rock climbing walls
  • 9′ wavy slide
  • Swings, monkey bars and fireman pole

Equestrian Center $250,000

Peppers Ranch II is in need of renovations to the current 24 stall equestrian barn and indoor riding arena. It is our goal to expand the current equestrian program for the children on site in addition to providing the opportunity to expand our partnerships with the use of this facility to further bring awareness to our mission as well as create an enterprise center for the ranch. This project includes all materials, installation, build out and pump house. Naming rights are available.  This project comes with matching funds.

Build a Multisport Court $75,000

The Multisport court will be the foundation for helping kids make better choices and improve their fine and gross motor skills, self-awareness, goal setting and life planning. Pricing includes complete start and finalization of the court. This is a fully lit court, includes nets and goals and Versa-court tiles to reduce corrosion and limit injury. Matching funds up to $25,000 are available.

Multisport court: 59 x 120 will accommodate: 

  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Four-Square
  • Dodgeball


Peppers Ranch is honored to receive non-cash in-kind donations to support the foster families and children at Peppers Ranch.

Donations can be dropped off at the Peppers Ranch Corporate Office during normal working hours Monday – Friday 9:00am-5:00pm.

Pick up of donated goods is available. If you would like to request pick-up simply fill out this form and tell us about the donation you plan on giving. You will be contacted by an employee of Peppers Ranch who will discuss the donation and coordinate pick-up of your item(s)!

Thank you for your on-going support and giving to Peppers Ranch Foster Care and Adoptive Community!

Tax Donation Information

If you donate during regular Peppers Ranch office hours, our office staff will be happy to assist you with your tangible donation and offer you a donation receipt to keep for your tax records. Federal law provides that clothing and household goods must be in “good used condition or better” for tax deductions. According to the IRS, it is the donor’s responsibility to fill out the receipt and assess the donation’s value.


  • All donations to Peppers Ranch are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law.
  • Our office staff will sign an In-Kind Donation Receipt/Tax Record and give you the original and will keep the carbon copy for Peppers Ranch records.
  • You are responsible for placing a value on your donation.

In-Kind Donation Receipt/Tax Record

Most donations to Peppers Ranch are tax deductible, but you must maintain a record of contributed items for your tax report. Before leaving your in-kind donation with a Peppers Ranch staff member please be sure to obtain a receipt of this gift for your tax records. Peppers Ranch will not issue a second record of your donation so it is important to maintain a copy of your original receipt.

For more information, read IRS Publication 526 for an explanation on the types of contributions you can deduct, how much you can deduct, what records to keep, and how to report charitable contributions.

How much are my items worth?

The U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) requires donors to value their items.

Determining the Value of Donated Property (IRS Pub 561) 

IRS Publication 561 defines “fair market value” and helps donors and appraisers determine the value of property given to qualified organizations. It also explains what kind of information you must have to support the charitable contribution deduction you claim on your return.

Documents Required for IRS

Property worth $500 or less: You must justify the deduction with the receipt provided by Peppers Ranch. The receipt should include the donor’s name, address, date, and a list of items donated.

Property worth more than $500, but not more than $5,000: In addition to the receipt provided by Peppers Ranch, you are required to complete IRS Form 8283, “Non-Cash Charitable Contribution.” This form will contain written records of how the property was acquired, and your cost basis if the property was held less than 12 months. Also, if you are claiming an item worth $500 or more, you must have the item appraised, and save the certificate of appraisal with the receipt in your tax records. Appraisals should be done before items are donated and payment of the appraisal is the responsibility of the donor.

A single item valued at $5,000 or more, or several similar items donated in a single year whose value totals $5,000 or more: This donation must be appraised before the donation is made, and the appraisal must be obtained by the donor. Peppers Ranch does not perform appraisals on any donations.


IRS 501(c)(3) LETTER